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Ensuring Data takes its rightful place in the Agricultural toolbox

November 2023
Last week we saw the man who bought Twitter say that Artificial Intelligence would make work optional. I am pretty sure he has never battled with the multiple challenges of harvesting or establishing crops in an ever more turbulent climate. It is inevitable that AI will, in time, influence agriculture ever more and I will be the first to applaud when it can deal with slugs or blackgrass with precision accuracy on saturated soils!! Read more...
Sarah Bell outside No. 10 Downing Street

Mobilising Nature Finance for Farmers and Land Managers

June 2023
There is little new in receiving an invitation to a meeting entitled “Mobilising Nature Finance for Farmers and Land Managers.” When it is in 10 Downing Street, there is little reason to decline, so I read through the numerous documents and hopped on a train. This looked like a passive listening exercise; Therese Coffey announced additional Defra funding for NEIRF. I’ve explored the website but haven’t yet determined if it aligns with my approach to environmental improvement, which prioritises high impact, low-tech, low-risk, and low-cost solutions. Read more...
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Ingredients and the supply chain: how to protect yourself against Brexit uncertainty

March 2019
British Agriculture faces an uncertain future. Whether you crossed the box for Leave or Remain in the EU referendum, there is one paradoxical certainty ahead of us all: change. Read more...
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The Data Taboo in Agriculture

March 2019
Heard the one about the farmer who couldn’t decide what was best for his business and asked all of his neighbours within a ten mile radius whether or not he should go organic? Read more...