Her focus is on delivering real, long-term solutions and high-value, measurable outputs. She rejects purely data-led or ‘quick fix’ approaches having learned the importance of a holistic view through her background in commercial strategy development and practical troubleshooting.

Sarah prides herself on adopting an investigative ‘assume nothing’ approach. Her significant experience as an independent consultant means that she is able to build a deep understanding of processes, operations and organisations very quickly.

Client confidentiality makes disclosing specific project details difficult; however, Sarah has worked with organisations on value chain analysis, data interpretation, remodelling supply chains, sustainability strategy development, operationalising big data within agribusiness, farmer engagement and more.



"Sarah has an in-depth understanding of the agricultural world shaped by her practical farming background, the academics of food science and her professional experience in the grain trade. She is an intelligent, passionate and dynamic leader with an impressive ability to grasp the sustainability needs of the client and tailor strategies which deliver value. Sarah is a natural communicator, providing advice succinctly, without recourse to technical jargon, guiding the client through the process from beginning to end."

Head of Sustainability